What Is a Viral Blogging System?

A Viral Blogging System?Do you like money? Of course you do, who doesn’t? It is okay to answer yes, even if you are one those people who swears you don’t need money to make you happy. You are right, you don’t, but it sure makes life easier. Let’s look at it from a different perspective. Do you want to own your own successful internet business? Do you want to dominate at internet marketing? Does your offline business needs a boost?Now we are getting somewhere. Well guess what? It doesn’t have to take years of hard work. The secret to your success lies in a fantastic concept… your own viral blogging system1. Breaking It Down: The ViralIs this a new term for you? It is imperative to fully comprehend it so you understand the benefits to your business and your income potential. You know what a virus is? Chances are you have experienced one or two in your life. That nasty cold or flu that makes you miserable for a week.It chose your body as its host. You were exposed to someone who had it. It spread from them to you rather quickly. It happened before you realize it. Now you are spreading it.This is how a viral blogging system works. It has one host, and its “symptoms,” otherwise known as your blogs and the links you post to your business spread rapidly over the internet. Interested yet? Keep reading.2. Breaking It Down: The BlogYour success is the goal of this article. So here is a quick lesson. Most of you know what a blog is; however, for newbies here is an explanation. A blog is comparable to a diary or an article. You can write about anything you like; your weight loss journey, tips on homeschooling, how to cook, etc. Most people choose a specific niche and run with it.Here is the difference between a serious blogger and one who does it just for fun: if you want to make serious money, choose a specific niche, product, service, and use your blog to promote it. Include links to your business, find affiliates, and add links to their pages. Most importantly, post a blog each day.3. Breaking It Down: The Viral Blogging System at a GlanceNow you know what the two are separately, so let’s combine them. When you start your own blog, you incur costs for a page, including a domain name. It takes time (unless you are an expert at SEO) to gather a following, not to mention credibility with the search engines, before your blog is even seen on page one. This is essential to earning views, which in turn earns you money.A viral blogging system offers you much more. It has one host, just like the flu, and it is contagious. The “one host” is a domain name with a reputable company whose primary interest is your personal success.Multiple bloggers post each day. This means the domain name has already proven itself to the search engines as an authority site. This gives your blog a little boost. You still need to optimize your post to get some page rank but it is easier than doing it on your own. You dodge the set-up costs associated with your own page and domain name, speed up page views, and personal search engine rankings.4. Benefits of a Viral Blogging SystemYour viral blogging system is like a permanent flyer on the internet. Each post is like an income stream. There are always changes when it comes to internet marketing. But your blog is constant as long as you don’t take it down.The internet runs on search results. Your viral blogging system is the key to getting your products, services, and website the traffic it needs. Your viral blogging system will make you an authority in your niche, local market place, and profession.Some viral blogging systems offer you internet marketing training, coaching, done for you advertising, a mastermind group, and 100% commissions. Some viral blogging systems have their own blogging platforms. Do your due diligence.This is only an introduction into the world of a viral blogging system. You have something to chomp on, but there is more coming, so do not ruin your teeth yet. Whether you looking to generate more cash, pay off debts, or retire your spouse. Your viral blogging system is that vehicle.

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